2011: Music Memories

I prefer seeing music outside. But this year, I wasn’t drawn to the island or the waterfront. I wasn’t interested in sitting around in parks and drinking from plastic cups.

In 2011, I was a creature of ballrooms, bars, lounges and halls. I checked my coat a lot this year and drank bourbon instead of beer. I got my heartbroken but I never got sunburned.

As I send my thoughts back, I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Best shows:

6. Devotchka at the Bowery Ballroom. This was like going to a family reunion. Total celebration with shadow dancing burlesque beauties wearing antelope horns and holding umbrellas.

5. LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5.  I’ll admit this. I’ve never been a fan of LCD Soundsystem and thought they were completely overrated. I was proven wrong, so wrong and I am the happier for it.

4. Midnight Magic at everywhere! Particularly a show at Public Assembly in June. Or was it July. Who knows as I saw these guys about 5 times this year.  So, I never usually write about them because I’m desperately in love with the lead singer and have been since high school. That all said, I continue to see them because they bring it every time – actual musicianship, a singer with lady balls and dirty-sexy-sweaty dancing. At least that’s what I’m doing when I’m there. And it is good…

3. The Drums at the Bowery Ballroom. These guys transformed a bad night by saying it hurts for all of us. Let’s just dance anyway and we did – nonstop, through the pain.

2. Future Islands at the Bowery Ballroom. Gush. Gush. Gush. I’m under their spell. The show did not disappoint. I would follow them to the ends of the earth.

1. Handsome Furs at Bowery Ballroom. Maybe it was because it was summertime. Or maybe because it was my birthday. Maybe it’s the fact that Dan Boeckner is complete dark scraggly dreamboat and his wife Alexei Perry is an intoxicating nymph. Maybe it was the way she lifted her leg above her head and keyboard and told us that she wanted to have sex with all us. Maybe it was because Dan couldn’t take his eyes off of her either and you really thought at any moment, he was going to throw down his guitar and take her right there . Or at least you hoped he would. Yes. This was my favorite show of the year because I was hot, dancing my ass off and letting my sexual fantasies run free.

Honorable Mentions

War Paint at Brooklyn Bowl – These girls give me visions of California and I have a girl crush on the lead guitarist. It was also a defining moment. I ran into someone and who knew someone I used to know and the rest is history.

Twin Shadow at Webster Hall – I saw this show with my girl, Pencils from the UK. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship all around.

We Barbarians at Pianos – These guys are from Long Beach, CA, which was my first address. This show in March made me transported me back to my teenage years when I used to go see my boyfriend’s band at Mancini’s on Reseda Blvd in the San Fernando Valley. Oh. Those. Were. Great. Days.



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